How to Miracast

How to Miracast - Android Phone to Android TV


What is Miracast?

Mirror casting allows you to display whatever is on your screen, the screen normally being your Android phone, onto your TV. The sound will also play on the TV. 

If I were writing this article a year or two ago, you most likely would have required some additional hardware to do this, but now this has been built into pretty much all Android TV Boxes and phones, you just need to start the correct apps.

Miracast app

How to Miracast

Like most things in life there are always a few ways to do the same thing, but in principle, they all follow the same simple approach.

First, you need to start mirror casting on your Android Box. To do this find the miracast app and open it. Now that mirror casting is running on your Android Box it will wait until a connection is made. Normally you will see what looks similar to a wifi image flashing, indicating that it’s waiting or searching.

Now to start the screen sharing option on your phone. How and from where you do this will depend on the phone model and age and what modified version of Android the phone is running.


How to miracast using a Samsung S9:

 After starting the miracast app on the Android Box, swipe down on the Status bar (at the top). Swipe down from the top of the display to expand the quick settings menu. Tap Smart View. If not available, swipe left to view additional quick settings. Tap the switch to turn on (upper-right). Select the external display device from the list.


How to miracast using a Samsung S8: 

Swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers.
Search for the Smart View icon then tap on it.
Tap on the device ( the name of the TV will appear on the phone screen) that you want your phone to connect to.


How to miracast cast using a Samsung S7: 

Method 1. After starting the miracast app on the Android Box, open the notifications panel by swiping the top of the screen to bottom, open the smart things. then select the device you want to connect too. you may have to accept the connection back on the Android TV Box and enter the code provided by some phones.

Method 2 is via the phones content sharing option which becomes available when for example you are viewing a photo in the gallery.

Please note, that as your Android phone is likely to go through regular updates there may be variations over time in how or where you trigger the connection on your phone.