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Questions and Answers - Android TV Boxes in Australia



Question: What is an Android TV Box and what are they used for?

Answer: In its most basic form they are small computers that run the popular Android operating system.  They most often are used to play or stream media content (Movies/TV Shows/Music) connected to a TV.


Question: Are Android TV 's legal in Australia?

Answer: Yes.  What is not legal is if YOU use it to stream copyrighted material without consent.


Question: What Streaming apps can I use with my Android TV?

Answer: Google play store is used to download apps, so the world is your oyster. Popular streaming apps include free and subscription ones such as Netflix, Catchup TV, Stan etc.


Question: Do Android TV boxes require any subscriptions?

Answer: No. If you want to use services such as Netflix then yes, you can sign in with your existing account if you have one.


Question: Will an Android TV box work with my wi-fi?

Answer: Most boxes can operate on either of the dual bands (2.4GHz or 5GHz), and as with all wi-fi the quality of the signal is unique to your location. If you have a particularly weak signal in the location where you want to have the box and you stream or play high bandwidth content (maybe 4k) from a  non locally connected source (NAS etc) then better to connect to modem/router directly (use a standard patch/cat5/6 cable).



Question: What are the difference between Android TV Box, AppleTV, Smart TV.

Answer: This could take a while and is maybe best explained by their differences. …..A smart TV is not particularly portable. With an Android TV Box you can take the ‘smarts’ to wherever they are needed.  Most smart TVs are limited in what they can do and controlled by the manufacturer. They have limited access to apps, whilst an Android TV Box has access to Google Play with 100’s. Smart TVs are called Smart, and for a TV that is a fair description, but at the heart of the difference is the fact that an Android TV Box has been designed solely to do the job. If you were to compare the hardware for example, then the Android TV Box would win hands down which results in a better more flexible viewing experience. Ultimately it is all about your experience and what you can do. As for AppleTV, great product, but you are arguably locked into what Apple deems that you’d want to see and play (and pay) and how you do it. 


It’s a lively topic and good question. There is nothing stopping you owning all as they all have a place and use.


Question: How do I install new apps on my Android TV box

Answer: Find Google play. Make sure that you are logged into an account, or create a new one.


Question: How to watch live Australian TV on an Android TV box

Answer: The simplest and probably the best way is as straightforward as downloading from Google play store the Free view (FV) app. This will give you access to live TV and catch-up in one place.


Alternatively, you could download each network app, e.g. SBSOn Demand, ABC iView etc


Question: What other names do Android TV boxes have?

Answer: Kodi box, Android TV box TV, Smart TV box,  Kodi player, Internet TV box ( as you can see, there are many variations when it comes to naming).


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