Things that you can do with an Android TV Box - Australia

✔  Google play store

✔  Watch Australian Live TV with Freeview 

✔  Stream Movies, TV Shows, Play music

✔  Airplay, Miracast 

✔ Netflix, Stan, Crackle and others

✔ Pictures and home Videos

✔ Play Games

✔ Music & Radio - Spotify,  TUNEIN Radio



Google play store

Google play store

You have access to Google Play Store t allows you to select from 1000's of apps. 



Watch Australian Live TV with Freeview 

Download Freeview (FV) and watch both live and catchup Australian TV on your Android TV Box.  

Freeview app






 Freeview logo



Stream Movies, TV Shows, Play music

Use Kodi to stream or play just about anything you want. If you are not sure what Kodi is, it is considered one of the best if not the best media player or alternatively described as an entertainment hub. It is the central point from where you access and play your media content including Movies and TV Shows, Videos, Photos and Music. Kodi is a free app that is regularly updated with new or improved features. It is often the reason for purchasing an Android Box. 



Airplay, Miracast 


Use your android Box to display/play whatever is on your phone/iPad/tablet. Miracast when Android or use an airplay receiver app if you have IOS.


 miracast phone to tv



Netflix, Stan, Crackle and others

netflixHave your Android Box run your web-based entertainment provider of choice, be it Netflix, Stan or other.


Pictures and home Videos

We all have secret ambitions of being on the big screen. You can fulfil your ambition by using your Android Box to display your pictures and play your videos on the relatively big home TV screen you have.

Everyone watching TV


Play Games

Android Boxes are becoming increasingly more powerful, which widens the types of games that they can excel at when playing. Many now have 4GB of memory and a fast processor. Even without a top machine, you will still get top enjoyment from the 100’s of games available – many free, with Google play store.


Music & Radio - Spotify,  TUNE IN Radio

Internet radio and streaming services like Spotify.

Tunein radio