T95Q 4/32GB

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T95Q  4/32GB 

The T95Q is recognizable for its looks, circular with a useful but not in your face digital information panel on the front.




The T95Q takes us into the next generation with what would have been considered an over the top amount of RAM - 4GB. This is now becoming the standard, at least for the top end boxes like this one. 

With 4GB, to put it simply, "Everything runs better, faster, smoother”.



What you can do

  • Watch Live Australian TV with FreeView App
  • Youtube,  Stan, Netflix
  • Play Movies and TV Shows 
  • Catchup TV
  • Spotify - play your favourite music
  • Play games 
  • Access 1000's of Apps with Google Play Store

    Key Features

    • CPU: S905X2
    • RAM: 4GB ROM: 32GB
    • Android 8.1
    • USB 3
    • Bluetooth
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Dual-Band Wi-Fi 

     Australian plug included.


    Detailed Specification