A95x Plus YII 4/32

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 Key Features 

If you are looking for quality and a top specification then read on.

      • CPU: Quad-core A53 (S905Y2)
      • RAM: 4GB ROM: 32GB
      • Android 8.1
      • Bluetooth
      • USB 3 
      • Gigabit Ethernet
      • Dual Band Wi-Fi 

A95x Plus YII 4/32 

The A95x plus is a smart streamer, that also looks good, comes in a stylish piano black case. It is also a step into the next generation of Smart TV Boxes. It is hitting the market and is packed with power and up to date features and software.

Playing 4K video will be a breeze as well as game playing, due to the 4GB and the latest Android 8.1.  Now let’s face facts, memory matters, the A95x Plus YII has 4GB of the stuff. That’s a lot to ensure that when you stream your favourite TV show or film it will be smooth.

The A95X Plus YII is a step into the next generation of Smart TV Boxes were playing smooth 4K is the norm along with game playing whilst multitasking all your other Apps.


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Suggested apps to add

  • Watch Live Australian TV with Free View FV App
  • Youtube, Netflix
  • Catchup TV – ABC iView, SBS OnDemand, Tenplay,7 Plus, now
  • Kayo sports 
  • Play games

What apps come with the box

Our Smart Boxes don't come with bloated preinstalled applications or copyright-infringing add-ons. They do come with the most typically used apps that will get you started, this includes the most popular media player, File browser, web browser.

    Australian plug included.

    Detailed Specification  


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