What to do if you don't have sound on your Android box or Kodi

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Troubleshooting Kodi / Android TV no sound 


Quick check:

  • Check the mute and volume on the remote control 
  • Check the cables
  • Check the setting on your hi-fi/receiver/TV/Soundbar
  • Connect another device using the same cable and hi-fi/receiver/TV/Soundbar
  • Check the Android box settings
  • Check Kodi setting


The above order of checks may appear back to front if your problem is no sound from Kodi, but experience guides us to approach the tests in this order.


Step 1: Check the mute and volume on the remote control

This may be obvious but 50% of the time it’s as simple as pressing the mute button on the remote or adjusting the sound level on the Android TV remote. Remember that most boxes allow you to control the sound the via the remote, this is separate to the TV or receivers volume control.

 Step 2: Check the cables

There is a good chance that an ill-connected cable is a cause.  Cables get knocked, stretched, pulled, stepped on, etc. Check, then check again. This is really basic but very often the cause.

Depending on which components you have, if you have a TV and Android Box only, then check. the HDMI physical cable and if you have one, check the digital optical

If you have them then check the cables connecting hi-fi, receiver and soundbar.

If yp=o suspect a damaged cable, then test on another system if can.


Step 3: Check the settings on your hi-fi/receiver/TV/soundbar

For a TV and Android box only setup you will be using your TV's sound (speaker) capabilities, therefore check that the TV's sound works with other sources by selecting one, maybe watch some terrestrial TV channel. Check the mute on the TV and it's volume setting if not already.

If you connect the sound to your hi-fi/receiver/soundbar then follow these steps this

  • Is it turned on?
  • Are the cables connected (you should have covered this earlier)?
  • Check the receiver/hi-fi settings (especially the source selected).


If you have a receiver anything like mine then things starts to get complicated due to the number of options they offer. It will be impossible to cover each combination, but in essence, ensure that sound still works by selecting another source, maybe play something soothing to relax you whilst you continue to troubleshoot. Another test is to check that the correct set of speakers have been selected, that is if you have the option to connect multiple sets of speakers. Also,  the input source, this will depend on which input you used to connect i.e., DVD, VCR (on older models!), AUX,   Scroll through them if unsure which was used to connect the Android box sound. If struggling, take a physical look at the back of your hi-fi/receiver, and trace the cables.


Step 4: Connect another device to the same cable and hi-fi/receiver/TV/Soundbar

This test is to ensure that your AMP is correctly configured to accept the sound from the same cable, usually optical.



Step 5: Check the Android box

Not many settings to check here and they will vary slightly depending on the version of Android and the actual box. If your Android TV Box has an Optical / SPDIF output port included you can connect it directly to your receiver or sound bar with an Optical Audio/SPDIF cable. However, you may need to change a setting so your Android TV Box knows to send the audio through the Optical output port. This might be automatically set (the option might not exist).


Step 6: Check Kodi settings

Go to settings, then system settings. To ensure you have access to all the options change your level to expert (cog at the bottom left).  Thee are many sound settings that can be looked at, but pay most attention to those that are likely relevant. You scroll through you will see an expletory description at the bottom. Passthrough sound is often a suspect,.  


Component Testing & integration testing

Remember change one thing at a time, and isolate components if can so as to confirm that they work in isolation, i.e. TV has sound when not connected to anything else, Then test the receiver in isolation, then bring these two together and test. Then maybe test the android tv box connected to tv/ receiver, finally Kodi. This will at least help you isolate the problem to either a component or when it integrates with another component.


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  • I have a db5+ dragonbox, i have sound, thenbit goes out, then comes back on, any way to fix this, I have a Colossus Build, any comments will be helpful, thank you, Gene.

    Gene on

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