10 popular Apps to use with an Android TV Box in Australia

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 #1 Kodi

Kodi is at the top of the list. It is often the reason for purchasing an Android TV Box in Australia. In fact, they may be referred to as Kodi TV or Kodi Boxes. Kodi has numerous uses that are centred on its unrivalled ability to stream, play and display almost any media content onto your TV.


#2 Netflix

Netflix does not need an introduction, everyone has heard of it, many use it and most have an opinion on it. Whilst newer TV’s may have Netflix as a big red button on the remote, having access via an Android TV Box means that you can have all your entertainment control from one place, in addition, you can decide when to update apps, rather than being at the mercy of your TV manufacturer and off-course the box is portable, allowing you to connect it to a TV with no smarts.


 #3 Catchup TV


 Be it ABC’s iView or SBSONDemand, or maybe tenplay, download the app and catchup on your free to air TV via your Android TV Box. 


#4 Tunein radio

tunein radio

Internet radio, play it through your connected TV or directly to the HI-FI, I know radio on TV is not a great watching experience, but many of us have our best speakers connected here and like the central convenience.


#5 Skype


Especially good when video calling, connect a camera to your Android TV Box and you’re in business.


#6 YouTube

 Watch anything and everything with YouTube.youtube


#7 Yahoo Weather

Not particularly exciting, but we all use weather apps, and when on the big screen you tend to go a bit more in-depth.

 yahoo weather


#8 ABC News

Whether it’s ABC or SkyNews, download the App and access in full HD. Especially useful now that news apps are moving more and more of their content to video clips – perfect for the big screen.


 ABC news


#9 Spotify - Music Player


Play your favourite music with a music app. Spotify is one, there are plenty of other, and now that many play music videos this makes it a perfect partner with an Android TV Box.



#Others, worthy of a mention

Google chromefacebookgames

Chrome Browser – Yes browsing the net, best combined with a mini keyboard

Games - The choice is wide, and getting wider as recent models processing power increasingly makes playing games a slicker experience.




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